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Betfair Security Approved for API-NG

Attention: Professional gamblers who want to win more money while away from the PC

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Professional Betfair Laying Software Makes You £££'s Even While You're Away At Work"


"Here's A Better Way To PROFIT From Greyhounds & Horses On Betfair Everyday"




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Overview Of LaybotPRO


Dear Fellow Investor,

If you're interested in creating a quick and instant cashflow to supplement your income, then this is probably going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

What is Laybotpro?

LayBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair Laying Software which will supercharge your betting activities even while you're away at work or simply want to spend time with your family.

Click Here For an Explanation Of Lay Betting

You can bet on UK/US Horse Racing & Greyhound racing, what ever takes your fancy. You can select the favourite or an individual horse or greyhound to lose in that race. If you use a lay tipster service simply select their selections provided and go off and do what you want for the day.

This software takes the hassle out of betting. You simply need to spend a few minutes everyday to select your selections and LayBotPro will do the rest.



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"I've just signed up to the Laybot PRO software today and I would like to say thank you for an excellent program. I gamble full-time on horses and I like to try lots of different systems. I have all kinds of software programs and your laying software is one of the best I've ever used. It is very simple and effective and your e-mail with the tutorial made my mind up to give it a go.

"This program will save me a lot of time and enable me to lay horses at the price I want without having to sit in front of my computer. It also allows me time to concentrate on watching and backing the horses I need to do to turn a daily profit. I will recommend this program to a friend of mine who owns and runs a gambling bookshop in London. I always let him know of any good programs and this one is definitely one to follow...."

"Thanks again for your e-mail this morning which I received and for once, I am very pleased to have signed up."

All the best, John Gordon.


"I have been using your bot and I have to say amazing. It does exactly what it says no questions. Simple and effective."

Many Thanks, Rob Miller


"I think it is great, Mark. Easy to use, nice to look at, good functionality."

cheers, Craig

"Laybotpro is a masterpiece, its quick and easy to set up and now I wont miss a bet again or take the wrong odds.Thanks for designing it. I will actually be pleased to send you the money!"

Regards, Peter

"I am extremely impressed and pleased with your Laybot system that I have bought the full version after the end of the trial period and as far as I am concerned it is worth every penny. Thank you for letting me try it out first and I look forward to placing my bets every day before I go to work."

Kind regards, Paul Burns

Just to let you know that I LOVE LayBotpro. So much so that I bought it before the trial period was up and I will be recommending it to family members as well.

Having set it up to do what I want during the day, I can go to work knowing I'm going to come home and find all my bets placed for me. So far I have used it daily and have made £25 per day. Long may it continue :-)

Sue W



13th -18th Feb 2008 Betfair Account £2 stakes - just morning sessions


The Bot will place your bets for you at a predetermined time before the race starts. It will then only place the bet if the odds are with in the range you set and certain conditions are met.

You can decide on various staking plans to use such as fixed level stakes, % of bank and max % liability. You can also choose to recover a loss over the next few races. ie. 25% of the loss over the next 4 races.

Other great features include stop loss and stop profit levels. These settings allow the bot to stop when either your stop loss amount is triggered or you reach your profit target for the day.


Profit Target Hit


Greyhounds are notoriously difficult to predict so all you need is a few of these to lose and you're on your way to raking in daily cash. There is normally racing everyday from 11am until 10pm with 60+ races.

You can even test out the tipster services, laying systems or your own strategies by using the fantastic simulation mode, which works exactly as normal but doesnt actually place the bets, so you can see how successful the strategy is, with out risking a penny!


Want a Free Trial of the Laybotpro Software?

Simply click here for the Free Trial

Look at these great features.....

  Betfair Security Approved for API-NG - Betfair have approved the software for use with API-NG their new API interface.
  Automatically Place Laying Bets - on UK/US Horses & Greyhounds while away from your PC
  Takes Just 5-10 mins - to select your daily selections
  Choose The Favourite Or Individual - horse or greyhound to lose in the race
  Place Bets 10sec-10min Before The Race Starts - professional money only comes in just before the off which can affect odds drastically, especially greyhound markets.
  Multiple Staking Plans - fixed level stake, % of bank, max liability, even recover a loss.
  Stop Loss & Profit Target - ensures you limit any loss for the day and stops at your required daily profit target. A great safety feature.
  Simulation Mode - allows you to test strategies, tipster services or your own ideas
  Simple To Use - well it was designed for me :-)
  Min - Max Odds Limits - ensures the bet is only placed if these are with in range.
  Remove Emotions From Your Betting - enables more consistant results and profits.
  Runs While you're Away - at work and releases you from sitting at your PC all day.
  No Recurring Monthly Fees - Pay once for a license unlike other services.

Horse Racing


What Do You Need?

A Windows XP/Vista PC (1024x768 screen resolution or better)

A Broadband Connection

A copy of LaybotPRO software

A Funded Betfair account (



"First off, I would like to congratulate you on successfully developing such a great piece of software. I love the fact that it's so easy to use... when I first fired it up, in just a few minutes I was away! Also, it has really opened my eyes to the opportunity of laying greyhounds as with LayBotPro you don't need to be at the computer all day. I'm even considering introducing my clients to the software to help automate their daily betting.


"Mark, Used the trial yesterday and was very impressed, especially by its simplicity. Have purchased the full licence today and it has already paid for itself.
I hope that it will make long term profits."
Thank you.

"Yes mark am very in pressed with your software, only tried for a day so far but so far yes it is very good and would save alot of time, am now going into laying horses with some one as you know i know form inside and out ... well done on the software would recommend it to anyone ...."

John Murpski - Professional Gambler


"Further i would like to thank you for developing this software. I am using a system that i developed and takes me the whole day and i have to be in the computer for the whole period of the races. No matter that i was not able to operate your software yet i know that i can implement my system using your software spending no more than 20 minutes a day and still be in profit at the end of every betting cycle."

Regards Michalis


"Thank you for the extended trial. I managed to make a small profit today, but it could have been a fair bit more,but that is down to my laptop shutting itself down from 2.30 p.m. until i got home at 11.p.m. I have had to adjust the settings so that this does not happen again. "

Regards Andrew.

" I have been experimenting with the Laybotpro program and have come up with some very interesting details. I found that if you set your stake to say £5 and set your profit at £5, you can easily recoup this with one winner. After this you delete the runners, bets and races logs by sending them to the recycle bin. You can then reload the days races and restart the program all over again, thus safeguarding your profit that was made earlier. I tried this yesterday and 3 sessions of profit that i set out to make, without putting my betting bank at risk. It is by far the best program that i have purchased and i am finally making regular daily profits, rather than losing. Thank you for a wonderful program. Andy.


What Do You Get?

  LaybotPRO Software & License
  Software Updates for Life!
  Free Professional Configuration Tips
  Access To Private Ninja Members Area (Discuss systems & startegies with others)
  Technical Support
  Video Tutorials To Get You Up And Running Fast
  Special Report - How to access your desktop/software from any other internet PC


How Much Does It Cost?

One thing that really annoys me about many of the Betfair applications on the market today is the excessive monthly subscriptions they charge. I wanted to make it available to everyone with out these monthly charges so i decided to offer it as a one off payment purchase.

The software is easily worth £97.00 and as a special offer im going to price it at a reasonable £77.00.

The price if you buy it now is

JUST £37.00

A Massive 50% Saving

*We are currently revamping our ecommerce system

so for now we cannot accept online orders, please contact us

by clicking the order button to purchase*


Over 80 Payment Options are available with Major Credit/Debit cards

and other ewallets as well as direct bank transfers accepted.

You can order with many localized languages and currencies on the payment page.

Instant Download

You can download Laybotpro instantly 24hrs a day 7 days a week


I encourage you to grab this opportunity to see how this software can help your betting.

To Your Success

Best Regards

Mark Baker -

PS. Hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. If we are around weekends we will generally try and help with any queries. We pride ourselves on providing good customer service so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always answer your emails.

PPS. All the testimonials are genuine and i have all the emails that were sent to me.

Gamble Responsibly - For more information & advise visit

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